who wore it better: eva green v giambattista valli


A quick note on something I noticed about the styling at Giambattista Valli’s recent Fall 2014 Haute Couture show. First of all, it was sublime. Perfection in my eyes. Chic white turbans and cool shades on every model. No makeup look. Very glamourous but also very nonchalant? Which is a combination I find very beautiful but not always easy to achieve.

But it’s not the first time I’ve fallen in love with a white turban paired with sunglasses because Eva Green’s character Isabelle in The Dreamers definitely did it first. She wore her’s with white overalls and a mop. Perhaps the movie inspired the look. We may never know, but at least we have all the more reason to agree it is COOL.

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Behind the scenes images from Vogue Paris online.

tennis girl


Today I found out the history behind one of my favourite images. Until now I was happy to just admire it for what it was, an image, but I found that its story is so normal I find myself even more caught up in its sexiness.

The first time I saw Tennis Girl it was reimagined on the cover of an old Lui magazine. But originally is was published as the British art retailer Athena’s 1977 calendar. The Tennis Girl’s name is Fiona Walker. She was 18 when the photo was taken, by her boyfriend Martin Elliott, at the University of Birmingham. The dress she wears in the picture was made by her friend, from a Simplicity pattern.

The white mini-dress worn by the Tennis Girl recently sold for £15,500.

The model and her photographer lover broke up three years after the picture was taken.

say no to…peplum

Ahh it had it’s time and now it’s time to go away peplum everything. I see that adding some extra something or rather onto your top, skirt, or dress is innovative and so simple but the slimming idea behind it doesn’t make any sense at all, because more is more. And who has ever said I want more hips. Maybe the Jetsons. But you are not a member of the Jetsons so why are you dressing like one?

what’s yours is mine


Boyfriends always have the best clothes. Their wardrobes have everything you never knew you wanted. The difference is some nice boyfriends would be so happy to have their girlfriend wear about their clothes as sartorial proof of their coolness. Mine? I have to beg, for months, or take it in the morning when he’s still half asleep and isn’t looking at what I’m wearing. When we first met I had my eye on a few things. He had a worn, faded Michael Bublé tour shirt he’d found at a charity op shop. The t-shirt itself couldn’t have been more than two years old, but its previous owner had evidently loved it to smithereens. The best part was all the faces of Michael Bub on the front, there was serious Michael Bublé, sharing-a-joke-with-himself Michael, meditative Michael…and the tour name Call Me Irresponsible. Oh my god it was a treasure. I wanted it so bad. The second piece was a black sweater with a wreath of marijuana leaves embroidered into it. It was the perfect fit. And most of all it made me look as cool as him. It gave people the impression I was a stoner. To this day he refuses to give it to me despite the fact it fits me better. I have accumulated a handsome assortment of pyjamas bottoms which he refers to as ‘his’ but are really ‘ours’. And now, I have my sights on one more. This Le Coq Sportif sweater in red! I want it I want it! I cannot find a size small anywhere. I harassed the guy working at the shop that my lover bought his from. I went online. I called the Le Coq store and interrogated the staff there too. The problem is not just that I can’t find it in my size. It’s that I can’t steal his. I could never wear it without his knowledge. It hardly fits me. And he looks so good in it. Boyfriend wardrobe 1. Me 0.

say no to…thongs

A quick note from the casual footwear scrooge. Take off your rubber shame shoes and throw them in the bin! But for those cannot stand to part from your beloved flip flops, I have devised a few legitimate reasons for wearing these squelch mongers in 2014.

“Because I am at the beach right now.” OK fine. Although I  still avoid this and wear canvas sneakers even though they fill with sand and get wet. This is not to be confused with:

“Because my place of residence is near a beach.” That’s not a reason. I grew up near a mountain and I didn’t wear hiking boots.

“Because I have just had a pedicure.” Yes I do this. Because UGH is there anything more sad than a ruined pedicure? I will endure the humiliation in the name of cute toes.

“Because I have germ phobia and am in the gym shower/public anything.” I have no place commenting on this. Carry on.

sugar water

When it rains, I mean when it really rains, my true spirit animal reveals itself to be a sad puffer fish. My hair takes on a scary curly style, my socks don’t stand a chance against gutter puddles and passing buses, and my nice outfit is wasted because only I can know what I’m wearing beneath my humongous khaki parka circa 2009. But imagine if I had a see-through raincoat! Waterproof! See-through! Everything would be so much better.


Miu Miu Fall 2014 RTW and Valentino Spring 2013 RTW from style.com